BeautiShopz on Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Spree Status As At 15 Jan

Hi Ladies,

Parcel has reached Singpost. Expected to reach us 17 Jan. Email notification will be sent out latest by Monday. Please help by checking your emails and reply postage type required. We will arrange to send out on 21 Wed 09.

Private Spree
Cutie Fashion
Orange Bear
Sky Blue

Normal Spree
PG Mall #2
Cynthia #2
Maz #2
Betwo #3
PayEasy #9
Joyce Shop #2

JS #1 (Restocking Estimated To Be Completed End Of This Week)

Sprees status will be updated here. Alternatively, you may email us with the order number given during order confirmation for status updates.

Completed Sprees
Blythezoo #1
Blythezoo #2
CatWorld #1
Cutie Fashion #1
Cynthia #1
Dupin2005 (Private) #1
E.Love #1
Imagine Ladies #1
JJS #1
Joyce Shop #1
Laura #1
Orange Bear #1
Orange Bear #2
Betwo #1
Betwo #2
Maple Syrup #1
PayEasy #1
PayEasy #2
PayEasy #3
PayEasy #4
PayEasy #5
PayEasy #6
PayEasy #7
Aimee #1
Dreams #1
Imagine Ladies #1
Kana Shop #1
花樣年華 #1
Maple Syrup #1
PG Mall #1
PG Mall (Private) #1
Sky Blue #1
Tokyo Fashion #1
Tokyo Fashion (Private) #1
Tokyo Fashion (Private) #2
Secret Closet #1
Winnie Shop #1

BeautiShopz on Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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New Sprees 28 Nov (Closed)

Hi Babes, we are in the midst of processing the orders. Those of you who have yet to make payment, please do so soon. Latest payment by 20 Dec, 8pm (No Payment = No Orders).

There won't be any new sprees till after CNY. Hope to get your support when new sprees are up ^_^

JoYcE ShOp #2
PES0085 (Paid)
PES0086 (Paid)
PES0088 (Unpaid)

JJS時尚購物網 #1
PES0088 (Unpaid)

PayEasy #9
PES0087 (Paid)
PES0089 (Paid)
PES0090 (Paid)

About Us
Welcome to BeautiShopz, your one-stop station for beauty products. Believing that every woman has the rights and ought to doll herself up, BeautiShopz strives to bring the best in beauty products to you. Beauty products sprees will be organised at least once every month. Do check out what we have in store for you now.

If you have any queries, please e-mail us at We will try and reply your queries as soon as we can. Please also check back frequently to see our latest updates. Should you not be able to check back regularly and you do not want to miss out on the latest happenings here, you can always drop us an e-mail indicating "Mailing List" under the subject field and you will be added to our mailing list automatically. We hope that you will have a great time shopping with us here. ^_^

On-Going Promotion

Free 1 facial mask with purchases of SGD30
Free 2 facial mask with purchases of SGD55
Free 3 facial mask with purchases of SGD80
Free 4 facial mask with purchases of SGD105

Need private spree?, please email us to find out more~


How To Order :
1. Orders must be sent to

2. Confirmation will be done through email within 2 days

3. Payment can be made via fund transfer to POSB Savings

4. Payment must be made in 2 working days after confirmation. Please email transaction details once payment has been done. We will only send in your orders for processing once payment has been received (No Payment = No Orders)(NO Deadbuyers!!!)

5. Do allow approx. 4-8 weeks for the orders to be delivered

6. Orders once confirmed and paid for cannot be amended / cancelled. Payment will not be refunded (unless stocks unavailable)

7. Goods sold are non-refundable & non-exchangable

We Will Not Be Liable :
1. If wrong items was sent by the supplier. We will confirm your orders with the supplier before sending out the list

2. Items damaged / lost during the delivery. We will ensure that items are in good condition before sending out

3. If items does not meet your expectation in terms of quality

Order Format:
Name Of Spree:
Name Of Item:
Item Website:
Size(For Apparels):
Buying Price:

Repeat the above if there is more than 1 order

Mailing Address:
Contact No:
Collection Mode: Normal Postage / Registered Postage
Payment Mode: Funds Transfer To POSB Savings
Please furnish us with the following:
(1) Name of Bank
(2) Account No
(3) Payment / Transaction Details

(New Revised Rates WEF 01 Aug)
Shipping & Handling Charges :

For Items Weighing Less Than 200g/200ml : SGD3.00 per item

For Items Weighing More Than 201g/201ml And Above : SGD4.00 per item

Accessories / Small bags (Make-Up Pouches/Coin Pouches) / Belts / Comfy Skirt/Shorts : SGD1.50 per item

Apparels / Short Skirt/Shorts (Demin Material) / Watches : SGD2.50 per item

Long Dress / Bags Size Less Than A4 = SGD3.00 per item

Jeans / Bag Size A4 & Above : SGD4.00 per item

Shoes : SGD5.00 per item

Boots : SGD6.00 per item

Postage Charges
Normal Postage
For Accessories / Small bags (Make-Up Pouches/Coin Pouches) / Belts / Apparels : SGD1.50 Per Item

For Bags Size Less Than A4 / Watches : SGD2.00 Per Item

Demin Shorts / Dress : SGD2.50 Per Item

For Bag Size A4 & Above / Cosmetics 200g & Below / Slippers : SGD3.00 Per Item

For Cosmetics 201g & Above / Shoes : SGD4.00 Per Item

For Boots : SGD6 Per Item

Registered Postage
Additional SGD2.55 To The Above (1kg)

Additional SGD3.35 To The Above (2kg)

The tagboard here is for blog shop owners to advertise. For queries, please e-mail us instead, as we might miss your tag if you tag in the tagboard. Thanks! =)

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